Key Features of the product

We have developed some cool solutions including the Mobile Apps already for our clients.

Smart Parent

Smart Parent is a secure, simple and safe online software tool for Childcare Providers to record and share children's updates with their parents. Smart Parent Program is a great opportunity to Childcare Providers to make families think that their children are safe in your care.

With Smart Parent, You can send the real time updates to parents and families about how their child is getting on. The Objective of Smart Parent application is to make parents smart by providing up to date information about their children. And this is one tap and one app solution to monitor all the children in a family.

Zingo- Key Finder

The App that helps you keep track of your keys. Just purchase a small bluetooth device from us and link to your account through Mobile App (App available in IOS and ANDROID). Just locate the keys where you left simply.

You can link the device to your dog, keys and kids. You can play sound even in phone using the device when you can't see your mobile phone. You will enjoy it.

Smart Kindy

Smart Kindy is a Business to Consumer application where Childcare centres update the child day information in a secure tool and the parents can see how their child day is going. It's a world class solution that every childcare should use to make their kindy smart.

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